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Yes the lockdown has certainly seen an increase in my drinking too.

I will ask my GP about Naltrexone thanks, as i’m only just starting the ADHD meds and still in the titration phase i imagine they’ll probably want to avoid introducing anything else into the mix just now.

I’m curious, as Naltrexone / The Sinclair Method simply reduces the desire for alcohol, that still leaves me with the problem that my ADHD brain will get ‘noisy’ again as my meds wear off in the afternoon… typically the reason i will reach for a drink (and of course ADHD being the same reason i can’t say no to another one or five after).

Has anyone had success with other means of relaxation that might go someway to replicating or replacing the calming effects that alcohol has on the ADHD brain?

I’ve tried a few obvious things in the past pre-diagnosis (mindfulness, yoga, herbal tea etc.) but they’re just not for me.