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I don’t think so. The bullet journaling is a technique, isn’t it? You decorate the pages or not as you choose and I think, although I could be wrong, is that the pages are blank. The HP has a regular calendar, but with various calendar layouts, hourly, weekly vertical, a ‘dashboard’ weekly layout that is different than those two, which is good for lists.

The HP company sells the stuff to decorate if you are into that, stickers and the decorative tape, etc. And yes, you can go to a weird place with all that. But the decorating, and making each week different helps my engagement. (I suppose you do this with bullet J too.)

The removable pages, and the insert pages they sell for lists and various planning tasks (you can get a hole punch that lets you punch your own pages and add them) or there are inexpensive print your own downloads from ETSY as well.

The one thing that is turning me off, is that lately the designs are a bit weird to me. Kind of this weird, forced, super charged, “We’re planning! We’re super HAPPY we’re PLANNING!!” and an uncomfortable, “Good girls are HAPPY, and kind!!!” sort of vibe that is strange to me. you can ignore it and use the system though. There is also a Evangelical Christian subtext that might be responsible for this. Just there in the background, kind of a low static that you can also ignore. Yet it pops up and some might find off-putting.

Hope this brings clarity. I looked at Bullet Journaling and it seemed too complicated, with all the numbering and doodling. I’m not a doodler.