Reply To: Accommodations for forgetfulness

Penny Williams

Forgetfulness is part of executive functioning deficits, which is VERY common with ADHD. Planning and organization are part of that too. So this is due to his diagnosed disability, not related to motivation or not caring.

Extended time and extra reminders are common IEP accommodations. I don’t see any reason why they can’t be part of his 504 plan. You may have to call a 504 review meeting and really push and stand your ground.

My son has always struggled with this as well. Some things we’ve done to help:

— All work is completed digitally on iPad (with apple pencil) or on computer. Then it’s turned in by emailing to the teacher immediately when finished (or placing in a shared google drive folder with teacher).
–Take a picture of completed work and turn in by emailing to teacher or placing in a shared google drive folder with teacher.

If your child can’t manage paper, look to go digital. The work world is primarily digital so there’s no reason our kids can’t learn those strategies and tools earlier.

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