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So here is another thought, and one that I use sometimes and like quite a lot.

I put all appointments Dr, dog groomer, etc into my phone calendar and set multiple reminders. The week in advance reminder is especially helpful if it’s an appt made six months in advance, like a dentist. Plans change and I know to cancel and the phone number comes right up with the reminder. Bam! Done!

But– There is a thing out there called a “Happy Planner.” Google it. They have many different, designs and layouts for the pages. There is always a monthly calendar and then usually a weekly spread between 2 pages.

Here’s where they are different: A Happy Planner has pages that can be added, subtracted or moved as needed.

Say a friend is coming to stay in two weeks. I make a to-do list, of what I need to do for that. Well, I can insert the list into my current weekly view and then take it out and move it to the next week. I get the satisfaction of seeing what I’ve already crossed off to keep me motivated, it’s right in my calendar where I can see it.

Then after the visit, I can remove the list, and stick it with other lists of stuff I need to do for reoccurring type events: packing lists for trips, or maybe use an old to do list as a jumping off point for a new to-do next time my friend comes. Maybe I can write on the old to-do that she really liked some kind of dessert or wine. Next time she comes I can revisit the old to-do list, I can remind myself to get it.

The other aspect of the Happy Planner –and can be a rabbit hole don’t get me wrong– is that you can decorate it. I know, weird. But there is an entire tribe of “planners” on YouTube who share their decorated pages. It is wild. There is washi tape (decorative tape) and stickers and colored pens and markers and utter madness. And yet, it keeps you going back to the planner (I can take months off though) I find the decorating part very relaxing and weirdly contenting.

Some people seem to get caught up in worrying that their decorating isn’t ‘good enough’ or that they are going to ‘mess it up.’

These are not my kind of worries. I don’t need a cohesive theme (candy canes! Shamrocks! Dinasouars!) to get on my ‘Happy’ horse. I just decorate and let my whims run free… flower sticker in the upper left corner, ’cause I feel like it? You betcha! Tape with purple dots on it right over there… Lovin’ it!

But if decorating seems like something that would create tension, you don’t have to do that. What the Happy Planner does give you is a colorful, flexible system that lets you add and subtract pages as you need them.

Hope this helps.