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So I’m ADD with 3 kids and worked through all prego’s in a buzy office. I totally get it!

Firstly I can barley remember my 1st trimesters it is very hazy with the morning sickness and foggy brain. I do remember every lunch brake going to my car for a lay down (Set the alarm on your phone to come back). My boss was pretty good about it (even if he marched 10 banking executives past my while heaving in a sink, he thought it was very funny).

Now is the time to have a good think about your copping skills, and set a routine. this was mine.
Sit at desk – have a do to list sitting under my kepboard, I couldn’t miss it. (Accounts clerk)
1 – check emails, print and enter.
2 – examine to so list.
3 – take deep breath and start task 1
4 – make sure anything asked was put on the list asap
5 – set time limits
6 – sing quietly to myself (this relaxes me and helps my focus)
7 – If overwhelmed go to boss and ask for an order of importance for work
8 – have music on phone and listen with one ear bud, only positive music (this helps me)
9 – have lots of short brakes
10 – when phone rings, take a moment to compose your thoughts, check the screen for who’s calling (i have social anxiety)
11 – talk yourself into doing things, be positive about it
If you have a trusted person in the office who knows your ADD ask them to check in a few times a day, and make sure your on task and be honest with them.
also I’m very visuale person so I have heaps of things pinned on my walls, reminders ect… I would pin them in certain positions. For instance tomorrow I must ring Mr X at 1pm for ABC, I would stick note on monitor, note it on to do list and put a note on my handbag, at lunch I would take note off bag and put on keyboard for when I cam back from lunch. Also my computer has a diary alarm on it, so I used it a lot, but personally it wasn’t my only form of notice because sometimes I have to dismiss alarm due to sudden important work request, so I always had a back up. My boss thought my desk was a mess which all my notes, but I just said “Hey pregnancy brain, I forget everything”

Trimester 2 should be a lot better your brain should clear and your enery back up. my first 2 I was apparently very funny at this time my boss loved me. Number 3 was my very angry pregnancy, I wanted to punch everyone, I was seeing red 24/7 so in the end I told the boss how I felt and warned him to keep certain people away from me or I would not be held responsable, took a few weeks for him to believe me but he soon relaised I was very seriouse.

Also Flaxseed oil can help focus, but do your research as it needs to be organic, keep your Vit B up also.

Congrates and God Bless


P.S I’m a christian so I would also take a breath close my eye’s ask God for help, and He always did. Clear mind and sudden understanding and ability to work. If you know Him ask Him for help through out the day.