Reply To: Arizona?


I greatly appreciate the reply and help! I agree with you and am now focused as much as I can on the disorder in order to not repeat any past mistakes made because of the lack in executive functioning. It is hard going through a divorce the same time as being diagnosed and for the first time gaining an understanding of who you are and how you operate is extremely difficult and sad.

I can say that I recently started Vyvanse after trying everything from Bupropion, Adderall, Ritalin, extended releases of both and different dosages. For me the only medication that truly helped me gain some control was Adderall instant release with Intuniv at night which has been amazing for managing my emotions. I made the switch to Vyvanse in order to gain more coverage throughout the day and because I received it at no cost which is awesome.

Learning about ADD, starting meditation and for me medication which does a great job of straightening me out so to speak for the day ahead. As for reading, I struggle to still get past the first few pages of a book without the need to re-read each page many many times and then forgetting what I read immediately after. Not productive for me at all currently. Hopefully I will manage to get that under control eventually. Thank you again and I wish you the best 🙂