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I am a working from home mom with a 5 year old. My job can be very demanding (8-10 hour days) and my son is very active. I suspect he has ADHD but have not wanted to walk down that route with him yet. Before corona and lockdown ( am in Harare, Zimbabwe) we took care of some of his energy through school….but now that he is at home all the time. Our days look very similar to yours. . Because of my condition (I have ADHD for which I am taking Ritalin) I get worked up a lot and when I get the opportunity to wind down all I want to relax and I dont have time for him. And of course I feel shame and guilt…Its tough but I am out of ideas. I am an introvert I dont like going out much and having to meet his needs for play …etc just wears me out.. it feels like work so its easier to leave him on the phone or laptop watching TV or playing games. Have no bright ideas, just wanted to share. You are not alone.