Reply To: I concentrate better when i am tired


To hear a single instrument in my brain, rather than the orchestra some of the time would be marvellous. The orchestra is nice for creativity and to make lateral leaps, but just to get things done would be awesome

To summarise , I concentrate better
– With headphones listening to the same song or waves or tree sounds
– Late at night when I am tired
– Very stressed
– In a flow state
– In emergencies, where I lose all the distractions and emotions
– Exhausted and
– Hungover

@Tamy It’s so good to know ” We are not alone’ and I agree that toasties are the ultimate cure! Our brains are wired the opposite for most people, but then I was worried that it was wired differently from people on this forum.

And @Penny the quiet helps, but i have been wondering whether body temperature or low light helps ? If it is quiet though in the middle of the day, it doesn’t help.

My experience with hangovers is the same – I was once called into work on New Year’s day,after a spectacularly drunk New Year’s Eve, and I was very effective.