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Heya, in true ADHD fashion I got super excited about replying to your post because going alcohol-free was an obsession of mine and then I wrote something incredibly long and incoherent so I’ll try to keep it short!

What worked for me was focusing on all the positives and gains from going alcohol-free. Going in with a completely open mind (which means you don’t have to quit until you want to) and dismantling your belief system. Once I did that, I was able to feel freedom instead of deprivation 🙂 it’s a little reductive, but once you get started it can be super interesting and really fun!

Annie Grace’s work, This Naked Mind and her podcasts helped me answer a lot of questions around society, drinking culture (and why it exists) why we drink etc, Alcohol Explained by William Porter is good for understanding the science. ‘The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober’ is a fun perspective. I haven’t read Allen Carr’s but that’s supposed to be good (you’ve probably heard of his quitting smoking book, he’s not the comedian). Holly Whitaker is awesome too.

If you’re into positive reinforcement and looking forward to a brighter future, I hope those help! It’s all about finding out why we have triggers (in EVERY facet of your relationship with alcohol) so you can reason yourself out of wanting it without being deprived!!

It’s awesome to see someone else with an interest in this – you’re in for a fun ride!! Coming from an ex black out drinker with no off switch btw. Also from London. Quit at the ‘peak’ of my drinking, confusing everyone apart from myself. You know when you’re done, but you need to understand what beliefs are holding you back first.