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I too am having the similar weight gain issues. I have been on regular 30Mg 2X day generic adderall and preferably TEVA, the Football shaped orange salted ones or the Aurbindino manufacture if it’s my only other generic option. I started around 2013/2014 while in college and it helped me big time. I always had fun taking a sports course for credit like a Spin, Surfing, Stand-Up paddling etc. and I lost an amazing amount of weight and was becoming even more toned and slimmer. I loved it and felt happy inside. But my family on the other hand were horrible to me and “worried” my moms a perfectionist and she was just jealous and my older brothers would tease me. They were comfortable being chubs and put me down so much I hated it. I look back realizing how foolish I was to even listen to them and “eat more” I was the happiest and healthiest ever! All my friends knew it and my energy and drive for work school fun and friends was never better. Now fast forward and I have gained weight and it’s a bit harder to lose it but understandable as it takes time and a good attitude that I am expecting to be at a lower weight (I am 34yrs old now). But yeah, 30mg 2X a day and sometimes less lately since it feels like I am phasing out of it. I also have Xanax currently at 2MG 1 x a day as needed and a while back less than a year ago I had Xanax 2 MG 2 x a day / as needed. I still don’t get the whole “Xanax” obsession. But it does help when I really really really need it. But yes, other doctors would be shocked like “how much do you take? What? 2mg?” Ughhh annoying some doctors (that was this year when I was being treated in the ER for Influenza type A. But anyways, I feel all you peeps out there with this weight gain and fatigue dilemma. I am taking less adderall and cutting them in half at 15 in morning 7AM and 15mg around 1-2pm. I also take dr. Swartz probiotics, smarty pants women’s daily gummy vitamins, and all those other good probiotic ones etc. I hope we get better feel better and last but not least look better too!!! Cheering you all on !! Keep me / all on this post updated please!