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I think RSD is different in everyone. For me it was the RSD which I experienced all my life which led me to a diagnosis of ADD (Inattentive). Adderall really helped me manage my RSD symptoms. How Adderall is supposed to work is help you with executive function. Which helps you manage your emotions, plus things like impulsivity. It doesn’t magically make you another person or take away all of your sensitivities. I don’t think it would be helpful if it did because some people are made to be more sensitive than others. It is a gift and a curse. But I can say that it did help me to remove the “cloud” of thoughts that were connected to my emotions so that I could think more clearly. The issue for me is that my thoughts and emotions were so connected that I could not manage them at all. The medicine helped to separate them so that I could manage each. I felt immediately better but it doesn’t mean that it was a quick fix. I now have to take responsibility for some of the habits that built up over my lifetime. (I am 45 year old male.). CBT helped me with that and both helped me change my life for the better.