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Thanks all, I think my notifications was off- s I never saw your responses. Yes, I was an entrepreneur at one point and loved it. But I needed more $ to keep the business going- so I had to close it. And good thing because the country entered a recession. Re resume, because I have had so many jobs, I’m an excellent resume writer and enjoy helping others to do it (which I should probably try to make money doing- but many are friends and family who fed me and gave me $ and kept me afloat during all of my unemployed times- so I was glad to do it. I will look into doing it for the public though- another project — sigh).
Also, Sam, you mentioned: “Also in adhd brains there is a split between knowledge and performance, so we have trouble retaining and recalling information.” I know this to be true- but do you have any more info on this? Or can an ADDitude staff please provide more info. Also, any info on helping people in their 50’s with ADD?
Thanks Good luck all.