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Thanks so much. I don’t know why I was never notified of your response. I’m not in default anymore (but still haven’t paid much or anything because I am on income driven and now unemployed). Much of my stuff dropped off after 7 years as well and I too took out a prepaid card and a store credit card and am building up my credit. I spoke with a financial coach who stated I could have the loans excused if I file the disability, and my income would have to be $16,000 or less per year for 3 years (they verify every year). Although my income was only 4k more than that, I really couldnt live off of $16k. So right now I am going the option of income driven. paying for 10 years, and trying to find a nonprofit or govt job to work for where I can have the balance erased– and not pay taxes on the remaining balance. If I work for a co that is not np , govt, etc, I will have to pay taxes on the amount erased.