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Dr. Eric

Depends on the med…

My advice to all teachers are to be good scientists and reporters of patterns and facts, but not psychopharmacologists.

Take good notes on what you see, and any Antecedents or triggers.

“I notice that I start to lose him around 1pm everyday. It doesn’t matter if it is math class or art, so I don’t think it is the subject.” This give a set of facts that the parent can discuss with medical provider. It could be meds, BUT it could also be things like… bullying at lunch, not eating or drinking because we are allowed to play once we are done…

Sharing medication concerns with a parent is a great way to turn off a parent, get yourself or the school in trouble, or miss something that is within your control.

Here in California, our education code specifically states that we cannot prevent a child from coming to class without meds. Even if you don’t cross that line, making a parent FEEL unwelcome could be enough to trigger a complaint.