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I’m not a psychiatrist so I’m only speaking as an individual who has been prescribed ADHD meds continuously since I was a child. My caution to you is sounds like you’re talking about Adderall as a sort of litmus test for whether you truly have an attention disorder. Your experience with Adderall sounds a lot like mine (disclosure: I switched to a different stimulant ~10 years ago and had far better results). Adderall doesn’t make ADHD disappear. In my experience, no medication does. Medication’s just one part of effective management of my ADHD. Behavioral interventions are equally important for me.

Interesting comments. While waiting for the diagnosis, I made some general behavioural changes that improved things. I was thinking of trying medication to see what would change.

Have you stopped taking medication at any point to see how much behavioural interventions on their own are helping?

ADHD inattentive – high-functioning

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