Reply To: Could I possibly have ADHD?


OMGGG i was literally in your position at your age. I felt the EXACTT way im not even joking. My brother has hyperactive ADHD soi was soo scaredto let my family know how i feel. And in school i even took his medicine to help and the teachers reffered me to CAMHS and i couldnt even talk about how i felt then becuase my parents where with me and i thought they would laugh and think i do it for attention. so with my queitness and the centres lack of adhd understanding and care they dismissed me without a diagnosis.So i got kicked out of school and couldnt go to school for 2 years so done my gcse at home, which i BARELYYY revised for and now i can get into college. I first opened upto my sister then my mum then the rest of my family and since im speaking about the struggles that they witness of me they understand where im coming from, and i give them some info from the reasearched ive been hyperfocusin on the past year loool.
So yh try speak about the struggles that they also understand, like cleaning your room, i would leave my clean clothes on the floor for a week before folding them and putting it away and in your case is all the clotrhes not organised in your cupboard, explained this to her that it can be becuase of adhd etc.