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Ok so it’s been 25 years on adderall for me. I’ve had all doses and all different forms. I took a brief break period when I had my baby for like 2 years. Weight gains FAST when you get older on this stuff. How can you gain 100lbs on adderall?!? I barely ate!! I completely agree the metabolism is ruined. Now I exercise and burn 4,000 calories a day and have to force myself to even eat 1500 calories! I think it happened like this. When we were young the doctors said stuff your face your too skinny and then our metabolisms caught up w us. And now I’m healthy and exercise and still not dropping the pounds cuz my body is literally in starvation mode but it doesn’t feel like it!!! I’m trying to eat more I found out I’m supposed to be eating like 2,500 calories a day to even get at a healthy 25 percent Calorie deficit. Idk. Something is wrong w my metabolism and I’m on the lowest of the lowest dose because I don’t wanna have a heart attack in ten years (I’m 32)