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How do I stay close with someone who is not mentally present for most of the time?

That is a good question, one that I cannot answer in my current relationship. My fiance and I live in different towns, separately, until my daughter graduates from High School in 2021. Staying close is not a problem at the moment, because we don’t live together. Also, I may have different expectations for relationships, due to past abuse from my ex husband. He mostly ignored me unless he wanted food or sex.
There is a poster on the ADHD Marriage site ” c ur self “, that said what finally worked for him was not enabling his wife and living like she doesn’t exist. He leaves her to her own devices. He has learned to let go, told her he was done with the marriage, and as a result she is taking more responsibility and comes to him and wants to spend time together. Granted, they have grown children….

As far as parenting is concerned, I have never parented children with an ADHD partner. My fiance has a 30 year old daughter from a previous relationship, and she has ADHD also. My ex husband didn’t have ADHD.

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