Reply To: Imposter?


I was diagnosed with ADHD over a decade ago, but it took me years to actually believe that my diagnosis was accurate. A lot of that came with exploring a lot of the newer research on ADHD in adults and recognizing myself in the symptom clusters described.
More importantly than identifying with the symptom clusters, strategies tailored to ADHD brains helped me cope with my struggles more successfully than mainstream “time hacks” put out by more neurotypical-leaning content producers. So at that point, whether I had ADHD or was ‘just lazy‘ faded from my mind.
I’m not a psychiatrist so I’m only speaking as an individual who has been prescribed ADHD meds continuously since I was a child. My caution to you is sounds like you’re talking about Adderall as a sort of litmus test for whether you truly have an attention disorder. Your experience with Adderall sounds a lot like mine (disclosure: I switched to a different stimulant ~10 years ago and had far better results). Adderall doesn’t make ADHD disappear. In my experience, no medication does. Medication’s just one part of effective management of my ADHD. Behavioral interventions are equally important for me.
Since you’re early in your diAgnosis, I encourage you to keep checking out articles and presentations here because they help. I also encourage you to work with your doctor and consider trying other ADHD meds out there if you’re not benefiting much from Adderall. In my experience, a lot of doctors are eager to prescribe Adderall first because insurance like always approves it because it’s a cheap drug for them. But there are other stimulants than Adderall that you might find work for you better.