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I’ll share my experience with caffeine and Adderall/Vyvanse

I respond wonderfully to Vyvanse for calming focus, whereas Adderall makes my focus a bit too intense, agitates my mood, and the crash is quite bad (I want to eat all the sugar in the house, I get so sleepy I want to lie down anywhere). Coffee intensifies the effects, for sure.

With Vyvanse 30mg, I drink 1 k-cup of coffee in the AM. I can take it with Vyvanse, or 1 hour before. It depends on how good I’m feeling and how early I get up. I try to take my dose around 7:30-8 every day, and I wake up between 5-8am (I go through cycles of early risings/late risings).
I might get a touch sweaty in the armpits, but no jitters, racing heart, anxiety, etc. I could go up to 40mg vyvanse without coffee, but I can’t do both on that because I get kind of manic (my emails become pages). I love my morning coffee, so that + vyvanse30mg is a sweet spot.

5mg Adderall + 1 k-cup coffee results in an agitated focus, and intense crash. 3-4 hours after I take them together, I become exhausted, weak, and my tiredness is so severe it seriously feels like a morphine drip (which I’ve only had once, btw, but I’ll never forget how much I HATED it!). Once I was so tired after the adderall/coffee crash I tried to go to sleep on a public bench, but couldn’t.

I have always been somewhat sensitive to stimulants, as you’ll notice my doses are low, but definitely need them to function appropriately as well.