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I’ve been with my partner for 4 years and this is one thing that always upsets me. I feel that he never shows me the attention he did in the beginning. The showering of gifts, the fun impulsiveness of taking me somewhere, the constant physical attention etc it all stopped. It’s as though he had me now so he didn’t need to try as much. I used to get text messages all day now I’m lucky if I get one.

After lots of research I have come to accept this. As you said they are wired differently. It doesn’t mean he’s not thinking of me. He thinks in his head “well she knows I love so I don’t need to keep telling her and if she wants to go somewhere she will tell me…” Not got a clue has he?? Lol

There is so much more I could tell you about when a relationship like the one we both have changes from “New” to “usual” but I’m not sure if you can message me direct?

What I will say is don’t give up! Yes it’s a lonely place to be with an ADHD/ADD guy but you get used to it if you love him x