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I was one of the lucky ones. The first medicine for me was the right one for my adhd. I did end up with side effects and my under-the-surface anxiety surfaced. People have different side effects with short acting vs long acting of the same meds too. It’s really a crap shoot, which is scary. I can tell you this though… I decided to get myself diagnosed and treated at 32 only after getting my daughter diagnosed made me realize why I was the way I was. I figured if we we going to consider medicating my child with these meds I would test it out first. The word stimulant sounds scary. The interesting thing is, it actually kinda does the opposite for you. I describe it as, I spent my life living in a cloud of bumble bees and never knew it. It might ramp you up a little at first but for me, it went away pretty quickly. It’s frustrating trying all of the meds, and there are side effects with some, and finding the right dosage can be challenging. For me, I now take anxiety meds, having never known that’s what it was until th emery pushed it, but it’s worth it. It’s not a cure, it simply gives you a leg up. We still have the same challenges, we’re just better able to deal with them or more able to learn new skills. It’s challenging getting diagnosed as an adult because we’ve lived our lives believing things about ourselves that are not tru and spent that time learning coping skills that usually are more harmful than helpful but getting diagnosed is the first step. Learn as much as you can, advocate for yourself, and find people that understand, or try to…