Reply To: Speaking Loudly


I have the same problem as your son! My parents, sister, ex-husband, all my boyfriends/friends and even acquaintances !??! I know my hearing isn’t perfect , but it used to be when I was younger and even while growing up- am now 47 and I’m just starting to notice my hearing isn’t as good as it used to be (neither is my eyesight?!?) to be neither!?!) but that’s not the cause. My excitement level is also through the roof, borderline manic, sometimes even reaching full mania mode. Everyone calls it to my attention. My Parents , mom especially, teachers and professors, even as recent as few years ago in masters level courses in graduate school?!? I know the more I like the person, how excited I am to see and talk
to the person, all factor in. I don’t understand why I do it, or why I can’t seem to stop or even just learn control it a little bit.
It’s extremely frustrating for me too. Because people take it wrong, and think I’m rude, interrupt, and am uninterested in what they’re saying . But that’s not the case . I’m interested curious about and welcome everyone to
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