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I had an appt yesterday and my dr had never heard of this and said he would not comply with it. I *think* it’s bc Teva is more expensive than other generics he was trying to recoup some profit under the guise he didn’t want the dea to become suspicious of his pharmacy. My dr had called him and that is what he said his reasoning was as he is an independent, small chain.
I had to call around at least 10 pharmacies to see if they could order a specific generic and many would not. I was pretty shocked at how many carry Aurobindo, Mallenkodt and Lannett. All of which were awful imo. The one pharmacy who would order it said I would have to pay out of pocket bc of the higher cost than other generics.
It’s truly baffling to me how hard it is to get quality medication. The medication struggle is the hardest part to deal with! I’m considering switching to Vyvanse or Mydayis but I like the freedom of IR bc somedays I take half of my daily dose or break it up in smaller doses if I have a long day. It might be worth the switch to save the hassle of dealing with pharmacies and crap generics. End rant!