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Hi there,
I’m 37yr mum of 3 from QLD. I’ve been on Dex about 23 years, it works wonders for me, being off it during pregnancy was so difficult.

I was diagnosed at 14 so like many of us I started researching and trying out things, here’s what I’ve learned for me and hope it helps.
Diet is important, I’ve very sensitive to sugar I get emotional of it and fatty foods make me foggy. I know this for sure but still I’m not great with my diet. Yes exercise can really help. I have anxiety and depression so I get the VB up, it’s what your body naturally uses to fight anxiety and if yours is low you will have restless sleep and a short burst on energy in the morning and then be exhusted in about an hour. Iron is another to watch, low iron makes you dizzy, forgetful, very tired and grumpy, you could sleep all night and still wake up tired. I don’t know if it is related to my ADD but my iron and VB drop very easily so I’m always watching myself and taking vitamins.
You see the world differntly and that’s ok, you are probably the smartest person in the room even if you don’t say a word and it can be very frustrating dealing with people who aren’t at you intellect.
What we lack in keeping the house clean we more then make up for in who we are as a person, someone wise, compassionate, creative, funny the list goes on. It is easy to get down on yourself when you have ADD, but ask someone what they see in you and you will be amazed by their answer.

regarding outbursts, many ADD people have an explosive temper it can be sudden and shocking even to them, you can get a handle on it though. I don’t know if that helps you, but I hope it does.