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Trying to fit in

I moved across the line to SC 3 years ago when I got married. I would much rather be in NC. I am in NC all the time since my family is there. Also my doctors, veterinarian, and beautician are there. I cannot find any mental health providers in SC.
I don’t know where in NC you are but I know it is so difficult to find other ADHD’ers. I placed several ads on various websites here in SC for anyone interested in setting up a monthly or so meeting. Just to talk to someone that understands. One person replied for her grandson. It would be so great to be with my own kind. I just wanted to talk, laugh at our crazy lives and when necessary cry on a shoulder that understands.
I’m on the coast. I also asked the same question right here a while back. Anyone in NC/SC? I never had a response. I think in the south it’s mental health is still kept secret. Sad. Hope that changes.