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De ja vu…. I was going through this same thing last year, many people posted different versions of the above stories and I was stunned then and decided to switch to the XR Brand only Adderall. I kinda forgot about all these crazy side-effects UNTIL! This month I tried the instant release again for an afternoon dose (Generic Lannett Co). It’s way more than just side-effects and I know the manufacturers and physicians say “Oh it’s the fillers, everyone has a different reaction to them.” sure sure… But these are not benign fillers based on the way my body and so many others are reacting. NOT TO MENTION the medication itself doesn’t do what it is supposed to do.

I have this cartoon image in my mind of Lannett’s factory/lab… It’s midday and time to switch from whatever random drug they are manufacturing to producing the generic adderall. They holler through the factory/lab and say “Okay time to switch to the generic adderall! Don’t bother cleaning off the other stuff, we can use that for the filling, we have a 10% window for bioavailability anyway.” Then I see them scraping the machines and adding ambiguous powder into these generic pills. The laws around pharmaceuticals here in the US is one of the most solid examples of how for profit healthcare is unethical. I work in healthcare so I am not saying we shouldn’t make a livable wage and earn what is deserved… but Big Pharma is the next beast on my list to dismantle. I work for an organization establishing one of the first NON-Profit Pharmaceutical Companies. Don’t stop sharing your experiences! It important we all understand it is not your body’s fault. We are complicated systems, each requiring what works for us. There are natural/ organic ways to support your health, WHILE still being helped by an ethical and responsibly produced modern drug.