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Oh dear I wrote a long post thenus have deleted it instead of posting it, so just wanted to check I was posting correctly, hence the “hello” topic here.

Wow ok so I will need to start all over again, oh dear how frustrating!! Haha

So I was diagnosed about 7 years ago with adhd, and prescribed dextroamphetamine tablets. I never took them as I decided just knowing there was a reason for all madness over the years was enough.

As the years passed I was stuck iny never ending loop of behaviour and until recently, did not realise how debilitating untreated adhd can be.

I have always really struggled emotionally when I split up with a girlfriend, be it after one month or one year, it always had felt the same terrible way.
This leads to me being super emotional, blurting out whatever is in my head then desperately trying to rectify the things I have said as they come out without any actual thinking behind them.
It is that bad that I was more or less single fir 4 years there as the thought of being rejected is so bad.

This got me into a bit of reading about the less well known parts of adhd, aside the impulsiveness and lack of attention etc.
I did not realise we suffered from hypersensitivity and as a result suffer from rejection sensitive Dysforia. I could not quite believe it when I read it as my life was summed up perfectly in those words that I read.

As a result I have got in touch with my dr and plan to finally try the medication as I think now I need some help.

Does anyone else have any experiences with these sorts of feelings or anything they would like to get off their chest?

Be good to hear from you all.
Take care