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It sounds as though you probably have ADHD, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing IMO. I read through your list of jobs, and thought, “what an interesting variety of experiences.” I also used to lament the fact that it was difficult or impossible for me to stick with anything, and frustrating that I couldn’t narrow down my interests. After all, the people who seem to be the most talented at something, do it almost exclusively. But, kind of boring when you get right down to it. I’d have much more fun talking to someone like you, than most of them.

I’m in my late 60s now, and have kind of calmed down as far as interests go. I still love art, and am always dabbling. I’ve found that some areas interest me more than others, and I’m pretty good, but I’m glad I never did it for a living. (I won’t get started on ALL the art supplies I’ve accumulated!) My other love is horses, and I’ve tried lots of different things with them, too. Now I’ve settled into my last horse that I got as a yearling and is now 17! At one point, I thought photography was going to be my thing, only to discover that lots of people were really good at it, and way more willing to get up early or stay up late just to get that one shot. Not me! But, I still enjoy it when I’m in the mood.

But, back to you. If nursing interests you that much, and you can afford it, then go for it. Maybe you’ll only get through the first year of school, and decide it’s not what you imagined. Or maybe you’ll get into it as a career and decide you prefer being a visiting nurse (Do they still have them? They should.) to working in the OR. There are so many different fields of nursing, including private nursing. My mother was an RN, and loved it! She always told me I would make a good nurse. No thanks, not my thing. But it might be yours! Just because you’ve jumped around in your “career” interests, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try something else. And, as you pointed out, you don’t have children. Then this is the time to go for it, especially if your husband supports you.

I encourage you!