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Hello ADHDSpouse123,
I was diagnosed with ADHD at a young age but did not really start taking medication until I was 22. Unless I am sick, I do not skip a dose unless the days activity dictates it; by this I mean intense or unusual physical activity but even then, if I’m around people I will take like a quarter or something simply because I just have a hard time paying attention to people in daily conversation, and history shows that I misinterpret other peoples words or actions (probably because I missed half of what they said, not taken that days dose). I exercise on a daily basis and do not take the days dose until afterward, when I notice I’m starting to feel “pushed/driven to move” or agitated. My sister and father have both been diagnosed with ADD (no hyperactivity). Both of them will sometimes a skip dose which up until I spoke with them about it really did not make any sense. From my experience everything in life just runs smoother when you take it (again that’s my personal life experience, I can’t speak for anyone else just hoping to provide some insight).My sister and father have said that when they skip a dose it is either because they forgot, OR they are doing something they like. Both recognize that they can be argumentative, conversationally inattentive, *insert common ADD symptom here*, etc and both do make an effort to combat these behaviors. I love them both and am not being insulting when I say this but they they largely fail. A while back my sister began to try the “minimal dose” idea rather than outright skipping it and this seems to help tremendously. So hold that thought for a second and let’s skip over to one of my sister’s friends who has been diagnosed with ADD, the only reason I even know she was is because she decided to stop taking her meds outright and all the sudden this calm friend of my sisters is talking with a word frequency over time that rivals automatic weapons. As it turns out she was prescribed lisdexamphetamine and had told my sister that it was almost like “moving underwater”. My sister who had also been prescribed lisdexamphetamine (in the past) stated that she felt it had the same effect on her. I too have been prescribed lisdexamphetamine and felt no such effect. Now skipping back over to my family, my father once by accident took his morning dose, promptly forgot, and took another. The result he said was an unpleasant sensation of feeling “drugged”, “like I was on painkillers or something”. He disliked the feeling so much he went out and bought a pill minder (you know the multi compartment box with the days date on it) so as not to repeat the error, I mention this because the guy rarely buys anything and if he does he uses a coupon or its at as low a price he could find. It is not uncommon for one stimulant to be preferred over another after trying several of them, when I was younger I started out on methylphenidate but for whatever reason made me depressed, when switched to adderall this depression does not occur, a change in the dose or stimulant might help. Hope things work out for the both of you.