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I know this thread is pretty old now but I signed up just to comment on this because all the posts really resonated with me. I don’t even know if I have ADD and the thought of that has never occurred to me before mainly because I CAN focus. Oh boy can I focus. I found myself here after googling something like “obsessed then lose interest completely.” It’s the story of my life. I’ll get super into something, whether it be a hobby, idea or job, then stick with it for a while and then suddenly lose interest. Why does this happen??? I feel like a huge flake sometimes. I have always been able to do anything I set my mind to but the problem for me is staying the course.

I googled the above phrase that led me here because I’m seriously considering (yet again) a career change. This time it will involve going back to college for 2 years to become an RN which isn’t exactly cheap or easy to do. Today I mustered up the courage to talk with my husband about this (after researching and obsessing for weeks now). He is wonderful and supportive but he also knows me well and asked, “Are you sure that nursing is what you really want to do this time? You always get that ‘itch’ to change careers every couple of years…” He’s totally right and that realization took the wind out of my sails.

But the thought of being back in class and learning new things in a structured setting makes me SO excited! I went out and bought an ATI TEAS prep book (to prep for the test to get into nursing school) and have been obsessively studying anatomy/physiology for the past few days. I’ve been binge watching RN videos on Youtube and researching jobs in my area and the list goes on…

I’m worried that I will waste money and time on an endeavor that won’t even pan out. But I’m also worried that I’ll lose this golden opportunity to change my career direction. I’m 28 and my husband is 29, we don’t have kids yet, and with our dual incomes and rental income, we are very financially stable. I work as a real estate agent now and also wait tables and bartend in a restaurant. I really dislike real estate sales. The money doesn’t excite me which is silly to most people but I figure if I’ll be working for the next 40+ years, why spend it in a career I loathe just for the money? Money is a means to get what I want, it’s not the end all be all for me.

I’ve been a “restaurant person” since I was 16 but I’ve also been a copywriter, a graphic designer, a cosmetics salesperson, a caterer’s assistant, an optometrist’s assistant, and an arbitrage ebayer. I’m currently also a landlord. I’ve also had numerous hobbies though drawing and cooking/baking are uniquely the ones I’ve always done and probably will keep doing for the rest of my life. My other hobbies include or have included playing piano, writing, painting, screenprinting, gardening, sewing, reading, exercising, playing video games, thrifting, photography, researching psychological topics, researching in general, learning languages, learning new cooking methods (I don’t have room for all my appliances and can’t bear to part with any), and so so many more. It’s funny that so many of us on this thread have such similar interests and energy levels. When I’m motivated, I can excel at anything. It’s just very difficult for me to stay continually motivated. Maybe I just burn myself out from obsessing and hyperfocusing, I don’t know.

I have now spent over 40 minutes obsessively writing this stream of consciousness and need to go to bed LOL!