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Hey guys,

I am 25 and was diagnosed in kindergarten with severe ADHD. Just wanted to let you all know that I experienced curiosity as well. We with ADHD tend to bore very easily and have a very potent curiosity about commodities or subjects we take extreme fascination in. A lot of times, the home environment can play a big role in what an ADHD gravitates toward or finds extreme fascination in. There are really three different types of behaviors that ADHD children exhibit:
– Thrill-seeking or curiosity: this behavior comes from a desire for immediate gratification like you’re experiencing
– Reactivity: This behavior typically results from a change in activity, for example, being taken away from a fun activity, being told to go to bed or do homework – you’re likely to see a very extreme reaction to this change in circumstance
– Attention/reaction-seeking: the child will ask silly questions, make noise or play silly videos – this behavior occurs to obtain a reaction from the parent or other person in the vicinity

The first two are in need of discipline, the third needs to be ignored. I actually have a program on these behaviors if any of you would like to give it a try.

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