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Hi Chekk,

I suggest you start by writing a journal. I’ve been writing a journal for close to thirty years, and have also led a number of seminars, webinars and workshops on journaling. The benefits of journaling are manifold, and well-documented. I’ts a great way to get into the habit of putting your thoughts down on paper. Just write with no regard to spelling, grammar, or punctuation. Don’t stop to correct any mistakes, just keep on writing. (You can review it afterwards, and edit it another time). I recommend good old pen and paper to begin with, and use a substantial notebook with lined pages, nothing too fancy. I don’t recommend using a word processor or journaling app, but hey! It might work for you. Just don’t let the computer or device or whatever you use tempt you with all its distracting other features (email, YouTube, etc.) Find a time and place without interruptions and distractions, and set yourself a limit, eg 30 minutes, to just write. You and a blank page and a little hope and the dream of making a difference.

Best wishes and God bless,