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I see my post made it! Thank you! It’s abundantly clear there are a number of generics that are producing terrible side effects as well as ineffectiveness! Since being diagnosed with ADHD in 1995, in my thirties, was prescribed Ritalin…was a blessing, but have since been switched to amphetamine salts due to the horrible side effects, including the Ritalin BRAND! I am running into the same horrible issues with generics for amphetamine salts! A new generic by LANNETT was put on the market 2019 and the side effects were so horrible I couldn’t believe this product was even on the market an ADHD or ADD medication!! It is that bad! Please beware of LANNETT generic!
Next script was by AUROBINDO…and again the same ineffectiven, horrible, adverse reactions! I am sooo fed up with this! This is just wrong for the folks who have to suffer through this condition, imbalance. It IS REAL! I have been contacting, both calling and emailing these pharmaceutical companies letting them known how awful, and ineffective their generics are, and I am getting calls by these pharmaceutical companies. I’m pretty sure, by law, these companies have to follow up and document when adverse reactions, side effects occur with medications. Just got a call by LANNETT, and recently by AUROBINDO. They will ask you for the NDC #, the Lot # neither of which is provided on the script bottle, or here in Florida it isnt, the ex date, and the pharmacy contact info so they can obtain the BATCH details, only. They say an investigation will be performed aiming to identify the cause and provide corrective actions to decrease the probability of recurrence…those are their words…
I so hope folks will take the time to contact whatever pharmaceutical company/companies ppl who doomed to buy their medications from manufactured by these companies!
I’m not sure how effective it is to talk to your doctor, but yes, doctors should to be notified of the awful side effects, ineffectiveness of this medication, and when ppl try to tell you it’s you, or refuse to believe you, and find it hard to believe, these doctors don’t already know that a number of these generics are producing horrible side effects. Nevertheless, perhaps doctors hands considering it seems medications used to help treat ADD, ADHD being a class II medication seems to have fallen under the category of taboo when needing to ask questions, and I find that infuriating when treats as such.
Every pharmaceutical company I have pulled up online states the ingredients are listed on the medications manufactured. I’m finding that to not be true as with Amphetamine salts. The active ingredients are listed, the salts, sugars, any amino acids, and etc, but nothing is listed as far as an inactive an inactive ingredient at least with this medication marketed as treatment for ADHD/ADD that would cause me to feel drugged, out of it, spaced out, quite irritable, excessive moodiness, NOT alert, inability to get focused, lethargic, yawning uncontrollably, more depressed, and causes me to want to squint my eye constantly, and so on. There clearly must be something as an additive that is not being listed.
The NDA number, pharmaceutical companies will ask for when a complaint is made and is issued for all medications manufactured by that pharmaceutical company, which is a new drug application submitted by pharmaceutical companies, that first and foremost, EVIDENCE, that the drug has the effect it’s supposed to have and is safe… The drug is first tested on animals, then humans. Once the basic questions of safety and efficacy are settled, the FDA approves the drug if it deems the benefits outweigh the risk. Side effects can start showing up after medication enters the marketplace. No kidding…
according to the FDA consumers should contact the MedWatch division of the FDA to report ALL adverse side effects. Number provided 1-800-FDA-1088 or go to website and fill out form to submit. FDA states on website they take all complaints seriously and once a few complaints have been reported, the FDA states on their website, that why WILL conduct an investigation.
Should probably put it to a test.
Regardless some of these generics have some dangerous, and unsafe side effects! I can attest to that.
If this is ever gonna potentially produce any results, the more consumers start contacting the pharmaceutical companies manufacturing and marketing these horrible generics, and the MedWatch division of the FDA, folks should go to the source and let it be known these generics are not at all acceptable, useless, and ask if ALL ingredients are being listed? What is in these generics that could produce all, and pretty much the same awful side effects by so many users?! Personally, I want to know what is in this medication that makes me feel so bad? I would think, consumers would have the legal right to know!