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TY, I am trying to speak w-my dr about it. I agree, Adderall IR worked better for me for about 2 years, now I feel awful mentally & pysically. Sick of sweats, muscle cramps & my depression is back completely. I am antdepressant resistant. I was propabaly on every form of antidepressant at some point. Ritalin & Vynanse worked for maybe a week, Adderall XR didnt work, IR Was a miracle for quite some time…..I am just so frustrated of my dr not listening to me. ” You’re fine, let’s add …or up your dose. Take 30 mg in a.m & used to take around 1:00 p.m, now I take about 10:00 as it wasnt motivating me till late at night, my loved ones are noticing my lack of focus, I left my car door open all day long yesterday….It’s benefecial t-my loved ones notice it, so I know I am not imagining it. Ive always been a reader, I can’t even read our local paper. TY SO!!! I’m beyond grateful I found t-site…….