Thank you both for your replies I appreciate it.

Claire, I did have a schedule of walking every morning, and running, for at least an hour and it did feel good and I enjoy my morning coffees, if I don’t have one I feel like my day will be a terrible one. Unfortunately I tend to fall out of routines and schedules I set myself, I might be great for a month or more and then I just stop and can’t start again. I’m in the process of trying to start going to the gym again but I am feeling defeated because getting out of bed in the morning is hard. I’ll have to give mindfulness a try as I have a problem with not being able to relax or wind down. Thank you 🙂

Shotty, I could potentially have hyperfocus but unsure of if I classify or not. I have a tendency to “binge” activities I enjoy. Video games have always been an a big one for me and I couldn’t just play them for an hour or so, I would always end up playing for hours on end. I once played a video game all day for I think 3 days in a row and only stopped to sleep, I ended up completing it. I’ve played video games most of my childhood too and I’m sure I’ve always binged them. Another thing is if I’m watching a show that i enjoy I will also watch it all day until I finish it. During high school I binged Game of Thrones for 4-5 days straight. All 4 season I finished in 4-5 days. I also play piano and I could spend a whole day learning a composition. I feel like I can’t have hobbies like this anymore because I don’t know how to do them for short periods of time and work them into my schedule when I would want to spend hours doing it. I just thought everyone did these things but maybe not? Thank you for your reply, hopefully I can get to the bottom of why I feel this way.