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I think so much of what happens depends on the age and specific needs of your child. My 14yo ADHD/ASD academically did well during distance learning, but it required me to work one on one with him. I learned a great deal about what he is truly capable of and what strategies work well with him. But emotionally it was hard for him. I learned just how much he needs interaction with his peers and teachers, needs the routine of navigating campus and feeling included and independent. I’ve contemplated homeschool so many times and this time of distance learning tells me he needs to be on campus. I’m one of the few parents I think actually hoping they go to a hybrid of part time on campus/part time distance. This would allow my kiddo interaction to meet his social/emotional needs on campus without getting fatigued and overwhelmed while giving him the time at home to focus academically and plow thru work without distraction – also this will make the transition to HS smoother for him by easing into it. My other child is 12, goes to private school and I believe has undiagnosed ADHD. Distance learning was not his friend. Even though his school had live zoom instruction in each core subject daily, keeping him engaged was really tough. Too many distractions, too slow, too many options to tune out or fall out of the class for connectivity issues, etc. Unless definitive regulations come down from the governor his school is planning to go back to campus full time with extra distancing and hygiene measures. As a small private school they have more flexibility. If they do not go back as planned I will likely have to either hire a tutor for him or pull him and put him in an online charter or true homeschool program that I can control. He’s super smart and needs to be challenged and move at a fast pace to stay engaged and meet his potential. He is not self motivated enough for another year of sitting in a zoom room waiting for the rest of the class to catch up and move on.