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Hello Ladies,

I want to join the club too! 🙂

I’m 41 and waiting to get diagnosed by somebody and get it over with. English is not my first language either.

I’m a linguist by profession, am webinar-addict, and really like to read and write. So much so that I get sucked into the warp of hyperfocus. However, I’m horrifying terrible with math – I’ve always been that way. I even almost got my PhD… but haven’t finished… it’s a long story with a short ending.

When I was at the university I was assessed for depression too. They put me in a group and one day one lady said: “you are not depressed, you are bored!” I never returned to that group again and never needed to. What helped me against overwhelm was that I had bought a cute tiny kawai monthly calendar and I would put in my schedule and assignments and tests. I would take a look at it just because it was pretty. This made sure I didn’t forget when something was due. I fought against the overwhelm in a way that I would divide the study material into really small chunks. Starting to study for an exam was really hard for me, but I would take a book that I needed to study and just write down the chapters in the form of mindmaps. That worked for me at the university. I somehow lost all this knowledge and tricks now that I work from home.

I feel like I’m time blind as a bat. Due to covid-19 luckily I don’t have to leave my house that often, hence, no opportunity to be late again, and again, and, well… again – what a relief. 🙂

The first thing I did when I found out AD(H)D existed for grownups too, I read everything here on ADDitude. And the second thing I did was to buy a smartwatch. It had to be pretty so that I would look at it, not to see the time, but to observe how pretty it was and see the time as a side-effect!!! LOL! But it worked. You can get a cheaper one too, the most important thing, in my opinion, is to put on a pretty watch face. After that, I set up a timer. Now I use the timer almost more often than the watch face. I use it to remind me when to give meds to my baby, how long the teabag needs to stay in the mug, when the laundry will be washed etc. You can use a smartphone too if you don’t ignore the ringing of the reminders as I do.

I must not open my Facebook page, Pinterest account or Instagram … It sucks my time like crazy…

You can write to me at

There are definitely more of us out here. 🙂