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I just want you guys to YOU ARE NOT ALONE! ADHD IS REAL! and shame is a huge part of what we experience because of how challenging it is to do the simplest things or just how we process or perceive things and how people belittle our affliction! Just know that you have a community in ADDitude mag that’s there for support. I sometimes have to come on here to remind myself that what I’m experiencing is not an overreaction, it’s real and I have the right to demand treatment that caters to my mental needs. And your boss and your husband need to be far more understanding of you both, them censoring you about your needs or bringing awareness is as if someone in a wheelchair asked for a ramp in the office or at home and was disregarded. And I give that example just to point out that you’re fully capable to do anything you want, you just need things done differently and you shouldn’t be shamed into silence, none of us should!

Stay strong! because you are but also be demanding of what you need without shame when you’re feeling helpless and weak.