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I believe Walgreens has switched to Lannett exclusively. I have filed a complaint on medwatch and as a result, have been contacted by Elite to call and do a phone interview regarding the issue. I am about to call and let them know the adhd forums and support groups have numerous posts about their inferior product. Luckily I found a psychiatrist who was willing to call smaller pharmacies until we found one who would order my preferred generic. So far I’ve been able to get Teva brand but on my last refill the pharmacist said He needed to have a script for a side effect as well to continue ordering a specific generic adderall. He suggested getting an appetite stimulant prescribed, even though I am overweight and don’t have an issue with not eating enough. I was taken so offguard that I neglected to ask questions like is my insurance company requiring this, the manufacturer or the pharmacy? Also which was weird he said the side effect medication had to be in a quantity 80% of my prescribed stimulant. So the sample prescription he gave me was for 300 pills of an appetite stimulant a month. I don’t get it? I don’t need it and why would I get a prescription that I’m just gonna throw in the trash? It has been my experience that the medication woes are the most difficult part of getting a diagnosis and dealing with treatment of ADHD.