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Hmmm…I just tried to submit my post but may have been to long so I will cut to the chase with this one, hoping it’ll post.
I was recently prescribed Adderall/Amphetamine salts after having used Ritalin for past 25 years, since it treated my ADD symptoms quite well, up until the generic versions of Ritalin produced the same adverse reactions, side effects, the same ineffectiveness regarding Adderall/Amphetamine salts! Seems all these generics have become many of the various pharmaceutical companies, pot of gold, while those suffering, struggling with the imbalance from ADHD-ADD are ending up at the mercy of BIG pharma, and I’ve had it with this!
Has anyone every seen an NDC# on a prescription bottle? Or how about a Lot#?! Especially a lot#? You can get the NDC from your pharmacist. Those are 2 “very” important numbers, especially the lot#, and according to a pharmacist I had asked about the lot#, he replied he doesn’t get the lot#. The NDC and the lot# are by law, attached to help identify specific batches of manufactured medications for the purpose of determining what, if any, batches of pills are having adverse reactions on a consumer. Or perhaps locating a bad batch. I have started contacting pharmaceutical companie, mainly to ask WHY the filler ingredient isn’t listed on their websites? Consumers should have the right to know what the filler is, considering its most likely the “filler” that is causing such adverse reactions with these generics. I contacted (Aurobindo/Aurolife pharma LLC) last night, went into detail with a list of the awful effects, side effects, symptoms I have, the ineffectiveness of the generic version of Aurobindo’s Adderall. Pharma companies are required to take an official report, documenting all adverse effects, complaints of the medications produced and marketed. I received an email asking for the NDC#, the Lot# I may not get, the ex date, and the pharmacy contact with info to obtain batch details, only. Was told investigation will be preformed aiming to identify the cause & provide corrective actions to decrease the probability of recurrence. If folks will make the time to tell these pharma companies the generics being put out there, are crap, it will be documented, at least.