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This is almost identical to my experience. I’m 50 and my whole life, I’ve struggled with what I thought was depression. I researched ways to manage it on my own and thought I had it beat. I’ve also had intense anxiety issues with doctors and anything medical since a surgery at 5 years old. It only intensified with more horrible experiences with doctors throughout my life. I’ve suffered from nightmares, panic attacks and intense fight or flight reactions over anything “medical”. I knew it must be PTSD. With the “Covid Mask Mania” my anxiety went thru the roof and I couldn’t function. I was afraid that in a panic, I’d become violent and get arrested or kill someone if I was ever confronted about wearing a mask. I couldn’t function at all, so adapting to working at home didn’t happen and I was afraid I’d loose my job. I sought a therapist and after about 3 sessions, she said she’d noticed many flags for ADHD. She evaluated me and concluded that I was ADHD and thought I would really benefit from meds. She diagnosed me with PTSD, General Anxiety and ADHD and referred me to a psychiatrist for med-management. My anxiety went crazy again worrying at the thought of taking anti-depresant/anxiety meds. Luckily, the doctor is not a med pusher and she told me we should start with just treating the ADHD. She said I would probably find that it calmed my brain and would clear the anxious thoughts. I’ve just started on Adderall and she was right. On the first day, the anxiety was gone! We’re still working on getting the dosage right because I’m in a useless daze for most of the day. But from the short periods at the start and end of the day when its right, I think this will change my life!

For anyone who has ADHD along with depression and/or anxiety, I would advise you to start treating only the ADHD. You’ll probably have to go thru some trial and error to find which med and dosage is right for you, but once you get it right, you probably won’t have any anxiety or depression.