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Thanks Penny. Ultimately I may need to go that way. But I know my body and know that it always needs an adjustment period for anything new. If I switch, I’m sure I’ll have to go thru another adjustment period. So I’m going to give this one a few more days. I’m on day 3 and have taken a smaller dose every day. I have definitely started to feel the positive effects. I’m so much more relaxed and mentally at ease. I wasn’t jumpy and reactive to the doorbell or oven timer today! I never knew the on-edge feeling I get from things like that was not normal. For the first time, I felt at ease in the grocery store. My 10 item list didn’t seem overwhelming and I’m sure I got my shopping done in less than half the usual time. But that state is only happening for brief periods. I’m roller coastering between that clarity and feeling overpowered by the drug – drowsy, zoned out with no working memory. I’m wondering if that’s due the time release factor and maybe next I need to try a non-time release version. I’d say 10-25% of my day is good and the rest I’m in a drowsy haze. I just read a sentence in the article you linked at least 12 times. Without the drug, it might have gotten thru it in 5 attempts.

My doctor wanted to start me on Vyvanse first, but knew it could be cost prohibitive, so she gave me an alternate script for Adderall. Even with the manufacturer’s discount program she gave me, Vyvanse was not an option. And based on my cost research so far, it looks like I’m going to be limited only to generics.

Trying to be patient, but this has been such a long process and I’m just getting tired