Reply To: Teen with ADHD/Anxiety mix


I am an adult who suffered from severe ADHD along with severe anxiety. I started ADHD medication in the 3rd grade and didn’t find out until my senior year of high school that the dosage had been to much and my body had become addicted to it over the years causing me to have serious anxiety when I wasn’t on it. I am almost positive that the reason he doesn’t do well in social situations and has problems making friends is because of his ADHD medicine. I had the exact same issue until college. However, there is a way to balance the ADHD and the anxiety I later found out. In my senior year I changed to a private doctor that really took the time to understand my problems and find the causes. After a few months we figured out that the best thing to do way get off the ADHD medicine my body was addicted to a switch brands to Adderall. I was originally on 60 mg of Ritalin, which was way to much for a 3rd grader. I was also put on a anxiety medication along with adderall to help balance out the effects of my body not having Ritalin anymore. I can honestly say this was the best decision I have ever made in my life. I now no longer have anxiety nor am I on so much medication that it inhibits my social interactions. However, it also comes with being an adult. When I say this I mean how when a child is still growing the medication is going to have more side effects because the body isn’t fully developed. Also since your child is rapidly changing in body and mind its probably going to take a slight toll. Eventually, the side effects will disappear and your child’s body should be able to balance the medication. Having both medications allowed for me to continue my good grades while also being able to interact with others in a normal conversation. On the plus side it also controlled my ADHD enough where I didn’t blurt out random things and annoy others in the process. I could actually controlled what I said for once.