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Y’all did a good job on your podcast. And you’ve got me thinking about martial arts. I DREADED physical education class in school. They destroyed any interest in sports for me. But later, I learned that I do like physical activity, just not all the sports I was forced to do in school… team sports, running and balls flying at me when I was off day-dreaming in the outfield. Our phys ed teachers loved making us play Dodge Ball. That’s just school enforced bullying – mean kids trying to hit you with a ball as hard as they could. I now like yoga, hiking, kayaking…calm and peaceful activities. I’m 50 with adult ADHD. I don’t like the idea of a contact sport that needs pads & mouthguards. And I hate the noise of a gym. I tried a brief local Tai Chi class many years ago but had bad teacher. I should look into that again. Are there other forms of “quiet & gentle” martial arts you would suggest? I’m also in a sales job where I’m frequently on the road and in hotels. It would be challenging to get to a regular class. Is there anything like online or video coaches for something I could do on my own in a hotel?