Reply To: Finally diagnosed at 29!


I’m almost 28 and am just now finally suspecting ADHD. Also because I did not realize symptoms were so different in women. I have spent my whole life wondering what was wrong with me, and why everything was so much harder for me than the rest of my siblings and friends. I’ve always been teased for being a hypochondriac and over dramatic. Even now my family doesn’t take me seriously, even though I now keep a lot of problems to myself so I’m not ridiculed. I decided I wanted to get tested for ADHD.and was really committed to the idea. My doctor, who normally listens to me and is very understanding, is VERY opposed to the idea. She was very tactful with her words, but I can tell she thinks I’m being dramatic too and that I probably don’t have ADHD. She says she wants to treat my anxiety first before pursuing a diagnosis, but we’ve tried a couple of medications that haven’t worked and the one that probably will work I can’t take because I’m trying to get pregnant. I wouldn’t be able to take medication for ADHD either. Question for the group, is it still worth it to get diagnosed? Should I push my doctor and/or get in touch with a psychiatrist?