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Thank u so much for replying, what i mean by a bit much is that he was over the top wanting to be with me all the time constantly txting saying how amazing i was and after being single for so long i had built a wqll up, ive had bad bad relationships been messed about by guys ive literally been homeless and now work and study so i had a a busy life plus fighting for my son back.. that I eventually got. His house was a mess it was bare and dirty but i added a girls touch and he loved it, im different to his ex he wasnt allowed to do anything but im more chilled he can go out with mates or have a beer as i do the same. Im a bit older aswell and a lot wiser as i have had to be. I moved in more so because of coronavirus he nagged me to move in. Dont get me wrong im a moody girl on times im not perfect. Ive been reading up on adhd how it affects people and relationships. I literally do the cooking washing housework etc i work from home at the moment in my breaks and lunch i sort the kids he works aswell and i try to make things easier for him. The red flags have been since what happened with the ex he disappeared for the day to sort his head out and things just havent been right: i want us to work as when things are gd they r amazing and he can be the kindest man. Most importantly he gets on with my son thats massive to me. Sorry if this is a bit jumbled.