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Question, if The generic version is the exact same as name brand, then why the hell do some work wonderfully for me while others do not or have opposite effects on me such as allergic reactions to some? For example, when I took the newer generic, E505 peach tablet at 1pm, I fell asleep and woke up 24 hours later, only bc my boyfriend had to violently shake me awake. Had he not woken me, I would’ve slept much longer. I have never taken an adderall ir that had made me this drowsy. Why is there such a huge difference??!! This is not true and in fact, my last 4-5 Doctors have told me that there is a huge difference, that some of the generic medications consist of completely different components which are basically guessed to begin which effect everyone differently. This woman researched everything you need to know about generic meds: go here to find out for yourselves: