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Let me just say that my doctor and case manager looked at me like I was crazy when I said there is a big difference with the name brands. Even though my case manager said it herself in the past. Then they called me out for trying to find the magic pill. Obviously what I was searching for was 1. quality and 2. effectiveness. Aurobindo is GARBAGE, well at least their adderall is. Not only is it garbage, that happens to be the generic carried by every single pharmacy in my area and is on backorder when checked on the FDA’s website. So far this is what I’ve learned about adderall brands.
Mallinckrodt ER sucks but their IR isn’t bad.
Teva ER is good but their 10 mg IR is the opposite.
Any brand that makes blue 10 mg IR stay away because I had horrible gastrointestinal disruption that put me in the hospital for a week from a completely different medication but the dye and filler was identical as those dang blue 10 mg pills.

Also, Aurobindo adderall RUINED MY LIFE for 3 months. It turned me into a manic psychopath. I put myself into a lot of debt, my sleeping pattern are erratic, and I’ve been a chronic loser of all of my belongings that have importance. And why does every pharmacy want to carry the brand? I went to a pharmacy that I know carries Core Pharm for their adderall. because I’ve been paying attention to the brand of my beds since 2015 and I got aurobindo adderall. when I filled my script there WHY?

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