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I am new to Adderall. Was diagnosed with ADD about 25 + years ago, maybe 1995, I am 63. Was prescribed Ritalin, which has worked fine until all these “knock off” nasty generic versions are on the rise now! States with Watson generic..worked great, then had to do to Duberry, was fine, then Cor until it was no longer available, then tried North Star, Sun, and Kember…horrible! Then back to Ritalin Brand…awesome, until Novartis, Ritalin BRAND was the equivalent to the horrible generics! How can the Ritalin BRAND, or any BRAND form of medication go from the original to something substantially different to a nightmare of horrible symptoms, and zero treatment for my ADD?? Started out filling 4 months of brand Ritalin at Winn Dixie then the following 2 months of what was suppose to be same EXACT medication were like the awful generics I tried months prior? Can BRAND medication be changed to a different formula, the complete opposite of what suppose to be what is considered BRAND? Contacted (called/emailed) Novartis, several times about it asking if formula had changed or had their BRAND been reformulated and was told no, but that’s BS! It definitely changed or was a bad batch. I looked for lot numbers on the true brand of Ritalin as well as the fake version, which BTW was out of my pocket since I don’t have insurance and of course the lot numbers weren’t on the bottles. It should be a law that lot numbers are printed on these medications! I guess that’s how pharmaceutical companies get out of potential law suits for marketing medications that are NOT the medication represented that may have potentially dangerous side effects!
Anyway…doc prescribed Adderall brand…lol..doesn’t seem to be in Florida so was prescribed Amphetamine Salt Combo. Ended up getting medication manufactured by Lannett! Lannett came out with a generic version in 2019. DO NOT ACCEPT the Adderall generic version unless you wanna feel drugged out, unable to remember words in a conversation, you wanna sleep all the time, you can’t stand to be around anyone cause of incredible irritability, trouble engaging with others, and seems to make ADD symptoms worse! I am more depressed then usual. Was just recently given a warning at my job for making the same mistakes over and over. Not paying close enough attention, and so on. I don’t share with ppl i am ADD. I don’t feel it’s anyone’s business, but the wrong medication and or not able to find the right medication is presenting a huge problem for me! I already have a problem with randomly falling asleep as it is. So…I’m trying to find help as to which manufacture I should look to fill my script of Amphetamine salt combos 😔.. My doc is pretty with writing scripts I ask for considering I’ve been on Ritalin all these years and am now having to transition to a different type of ADD/ADHD medication… Pretty frustrated with the government deciding what medications are to be used to treat this very annoying condition, yet so many of these pharmaceutical manufacturers are coming up with their version of what IS pure crap that does NOT treat the symptoms! So far i guess I should look for Sandoz, maybe Teva?? So depressing…